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Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Now, we know that you can do on your phone on the way into work what used to only be possible once you got to your cube and logged into your powerful office PC – hence, “Cyber Monday.” That’s just so 1998, right? But, whatever – we’ll play along. For today only, take 20% off everything we make. Just go to the store and use the code “82MUCH” when you check out and we’ll take care of the rest. Not a bad deal.


Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Ides of March, right? So, we decided to celebrate the brutal stabbing death of Julius Caesar by doing a giant, smokey burnout with Dave Tanimura’s hellacious ’65 Comet gasser and one of our favorite models, Trish.

Now, a shoot like this poses a few problems: how long can the trans-brake hold that bucking-bronco of a 428c.i.d. before the slicks get so sticky they start hooking? And will the model be able to hold her composure with that kind of energy boiling – literally – right under her? And will the model even show up?

In this case, the original model welched on the entire shoot, oh, about 30 minutes before the call-time. And Trish – who you might remember from our 2013 calendar – has been really busy with her booming makeup artistry, but was willing to carve out some time for this photoshoot and handle the makeup styling duties. So, as Trish was en route to the shoot location, we called her in a panic to tell her to sit tight while we figure out who we could call in a pinch to stand in for the Flakemaster General who just stood us up.

“You want me to do it?,” Trish asked with her usual light laughter and characteristic willingness to do whatever it takes to get a production done (bless her naturally beautiful heart). “YES,” was all we could get out before she could even object.

And lucky for us. It only took Dave’s first burnout for us to realize that we had really dodged a bullet: our original model, had she decided to even show up, would’ve FREAKED and shut down the whole shoot over what Trish took in stride. With a smile on her face. Actually, a giggle. Really, a genuine laughing fit that only a girl who was truly enjoying herself could muster.

What you see in our initial video and the glorious month of March, 2014 is the product of what was originally a disaster that turned into one of the best shoots of the entire project. Damn right.


Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Good deal on all our t-shirts today. When you check out, enter your special code: LABOR13 to get the deal. Get ‘em here and fly your freak flag proud, kid…


Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

 photo calendar_tee2_zps23081b46.jpg

You asked. We listened. A black version of the Big Rep tee and we call it the “Big Black.” Get it? Right! And, we’re making you a special deal: back by popular demand is the 2013 Hot Rod Pinup calendar and a Big Black for a flat $25.00. We shit you not.

Go get yours here – order early and often and if you’ve ordered from us before, you know you’ll get a little extra sumpn’ sumpn’ in the package, kid!


Wednesday, November 28th, 2012


On to the month of June, 2013 of our pinup girl calendar project and a theme idea we dreamt up for it…

We were in Las Vegas recently for the annual SEMA show –– a universally complete circus of just about anything you could (and couldn’t) possibly imagine made, manufactured and sold for the auto industry. Really. If you’ve never been, it’s hard to describe. And we figured, since we were there, we might as well make the most of it and get a shoot for the calendar under our belts. We were short a few images and what better place to make something out of nothing, right?



Friday, November 23rd, 2012


For the month of March in our new calendar, we collided a few worlds…

There are some real shining lights in car culture. And when we say “shining light,” we’re talking about people who love this shit as much as we do, but bring something extra to it: they’re artists, writers, raconteurs, bon vivants, musicians…and they bring all that talent to car culture and amazing things come out of it.

Cherry Martini is a shining light of car culture. Gearhead, writer, artist in her own right and on top of that, she’s beautiful. And you know how beautiful people are – they just kinda move through the world a little better than the rest of us, right? So, when we saw that the Italian edition of Vogue magazine picked up on a photoshoot that Cherry helped her friend and photographer, Tatiana Gerusova, with, we knew something amazeballs had just happened. And we wanted a piece of it: Tatiana’s image of Cherry and her Karmann Ghia in the Agoura Hills of southern California just about knocked us over.

So, we got Cherry on the horn and said, “Saw what you did with Tatiana. LOVED that shit…can you do it again?” To which she responded, “When?”

The next calls were to Keith Weesner about getting his sano shoebox custom lined up for the project, Tatiana about some ideas for the shoot (including some pictures of Debbie Harry circa 1982, Olivia Wilde and Cherie Currie for reference) and Bebe Gene for the right hair and makeup treatment.

What we ended up with was a perfect mash-up of custom car culture, haute couture, New Wave and modern-day photography sensibilities. Couldn’t have been more stoked to see the final images this amazing group of artists produced for us. Damn.

We’ve said it here before, but when we see this amazing, albeit small, niche of car culture influence the greater world around it, ah, well…that’s what makes it all worth it.


Thursday, July 26th, 2012


Working on the magazine, a few documentaries, couple shoots, gotta empty the trash, make a few calls, flesh out a museum installation and the dang neutral safety switch pin just snapped off on the pickup. Be back tomorrow…


Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012


There’s a room in your house that, if suddenly alerted by fear and impending doom, you can run to, open the door, close it behind you, lock it up and wait in till the danger passes, safe in the knowledge that everything is going to be OK and you’ll be able to open the door and get back to life as you know it.

That’s what rich folks call a panic room, hoss. Yours just happens to be your garage or your workshop or the Costco tent zip-tied to the side of your house. Whatever room you escape to when your wife’s 30-Minute Bunz Of Steez DVD hits the living room TV or someone finally realized you used the kitchen sink and the squeeze bottle of ketchup in the fridge to figure out the flat spot on your fresh-ground cam.

Well, now you’ve got a light switch option to reflect the importance of that room. The Panic Button Light Switch Replacement Kit is the best $25 you can spend for such a thing of simplistic beauty. Just wire it in and screw it to your existing switch box and you’re all set. Make a statement.

We swear, though: if we see one of these things bolted to some shitty-ass rat rod, we’re gonna take it. We carry a sharpened screwdriver with us at all times.

Get yours right (here). And you might need two.


Monday, May 21st, 2012


After our brewside chat with Jeff Decker a few weeks ago, we couldn’t help notice this cut up on eBay: Chain Gang MC. Now, we don’t know anyone with a more impressive collection of historic outlaw motorcycle club jackets than Decker. And, along with that kind of collection comes extensive knowledge of a subject matter that’s been mostly not talked about, historically.

So, that’s why this cut is so interesting: no real info on the interwebs (refreshingly), but the vest looks like a period-correct piece, even though we question the “1950s VINTAGE” description on this auction. The chain stitching on the patch, the weird pleats-n-rivets construction, the selvedge line and the denim looks a little more late-Sixties/early-Seventies to us, but what the hell do we know?

Really neat piece, though. One more thing about the description, though: if you’re lucky enough to win this auction, we’d suggest NOT actually slipping it on. Find more right (here). And let us know what you know about this thing…


Thursday, April 19th, 2012


Sometimes, we forget how lucky we are to have amazingly talented friends and be surrounded by legendary and interesting people. LUCKY. And we mean that.

And we were reminded of that last weekend while we were gorging ourselves on red-dyed eggs, lamb on a spit in the front yard and ouzo out of a glass Corinthian column at a Greek Easter party: our buddy, who just moved here from New York City, was talking about how he’d like to have a bike again, now that he’s in Northern California. Get out and ride a little. Get back on a bike, y’know?

So, we casually mentioned Spade George.

Now, Spade George is a San Francisco legend. Known for his Harley-Davidson expertise and his willingness to work on Sportsters when nobody else would, George has been a goddam institution in bike culture since before he moved here, himself, from New York City back in ’69. At that time, it was downright dangerous for a black man to put a couple Harleys in the back of a van and drive across the country with a white girlfriend. But George did it and never looked back. And his shop, The Hole In The Wall, had been the go-to place on San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco for damn-near forty years before he moved to a bigger, better place down the peninsula in Redwood City.

So, there we were in RC last Sunday, in the front yard by the lamb on the spit, drinking ouzo out of a glass Greek column, blowing minds with Spade George stories. And that led our host to take the day off from work on Monday and go see the legend, hisself. Life-changer. He’s now buying a bike to work on and he’s doing it the right way: searching out a legend like Spade George, going to see him, experiencing the world George has built over a lifetime dedicated to custom Harleys, getting truly inspired and acting on that inspiration.


We need more of this shit in the world. Go see Spade George and The Hole In The Wall (here). He has no blog. He has no website or ironic t-shirts for sale. He won’t be hanging out at a hipster bar-slash-barber-shop in Williamsburg. You won’t find him at a tattoo shop biker night. You WILL find him at his shop working on bikes, however, and he’d love to meet you.