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Friday, November 16th, 2012


We’ve been working, sweating, bleeding and crying (just a little) over our latest project and we can finally unleash it on you: the 2013 Shop Calendar!

Now, over the next two weeks, we’ll be revealing every month’s pinup and the exclusive story behind each shoot right here. You ain’t gonna wanna miss this, so check back early and often for the behind-the-scenes snapshots and stories for each and every month’s carefully chosen image.

Another thing we’ll say about this calendar project: we’ve been railing against mediocrity and just downright shitty photography in the custom car scene for more than a decade now. And we’re just getting started. One of the things we hate more than anything is the sheer volume of craptastic photography being generated around some of the most inspired and just plain bitchin’ cars ever to set off car alarms in parking lots all over this great country. We’re hoping this calendar puts some good back in the world that has been taken out by most of what you see on the newsstand.

A journalist, a model, an “adult” star, a daughter of a Russian gangster, a photographer with a hidden alter-ego, an icon of the Hot Rod Revival of the Nineties, a television celebrity, a former bodyguard…we’ve assembled a cast of characters and models and photographers never seen before to put this calendar together and we think you’re gonna dig it.

Stay tuned and come on back soon –– the calendar is on press as we speak and will be ready to ship right after Thanksgiving, so check back soon!


Saturday, March 13th, 2010


If you’d ask a few guys at a car show what keeps them up at night, what makes them get the cold sweats, what would make them write bad checks and not feel bad about it…we submit ACF Evidence #1: a full race 392 or 426 Hemi, complete from pan to butterfly scoop, listed on Craigslist for the mere coupla bucks the owner thinks the scrap yard would give him for it –– since it’s obviously not worth the gas and the favor it would take to borrow a truck and drag it over to the shady side of town.

Vintage fueler builder, Brian Fox, sent this over for us to feel real bad about. He writes:

“Check this out guys. This was sent to me at 5:15am. The nite before at 9:21 It was posted. I emailed him at 6:am and no response. I told my wife I was going to take $1200 out of the family savings account and I wasnt going to work if he called before I got there. And if he did call , I WAS LEAVING. I drove my truck and had my phone volumn all the way up. But no call. I do not have computer access at work , so at 8:30 I called my friend Mark. He was home but sleeping. He called me back at 10:00am and said the add said SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD.”

Shit. Really? Could it really be true that some lucky sack near Belleville, IL picked this thing up for a mere couple hundred bucks? Blower, injectors, scoop, plumbing…hell, this thing even still has the belt wrapped around the pulleys. Excuse us while we go shoot ourselves between the toes. Shit…

SF street parking is no joke

Friday, September 4th, 2009


Shorty can’t catch a break.

photo by captian nod