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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Images courtesy HOT ROD magazine, Michael Furman and RM Auctions

Neat post by Dan Strohl over at Hemmings this morning: the Dick Flint roadster – one of the most iconic hot rods in all of hotrodding hotroddom – is hitting the auction block soon. It’s dizzying to hear the names associated with one car: Alex Xydias’ So-Cal Speed Shop, Neil Emory and Valley Custom, The Rusetta Timing Association, the SCTA, Hot Rod magazine, Dean Batchelor and, more recently, the one and only Don Orosco.

In the light of history, the little track-nose Model A roadster is a near-priceless artifact. And what we love about it, probably more than anything else, is the cover of Hot Rod from 1952 (above): in an age of rigidly conforming popular culture, the magazine dared to let loose with a photo that we can only really describe as the visual equivalent of the Hollywood Wolf Whistle. Hard to find a good example of the main reasons guys built hot rods in post-war America, but the Dick Flint roadster is one of ‘em.

Now, on the other hand, RM Auctions and the folks who can afford the paddle on the auction floor are going to do their best to find exactly what the price actually might be for the car. It’s estimated that the Pebble Beach winner will bring more than the last post-war roadster with just as much of a pedigree: the famed McMullen ’32. Read more about the whole deal right here and let Strohl fill you in on it. What a world, huh?


Friday, September 21st, 2012

photo: Mecum Auctions

Ripped right from the pages of the Hemmings blog, the one and dang only ’36 Ford coupe originally built by Herb Reneau for Long Beach, CA’s Jack Calori in 1948 is gonna be hitting the auction block!

Better known just as the “Calori Coupe,” this ’36 3-window, in our opinion, is one of two coupes that have just hands-down nailed the custom world (the other being the ’36 built by Cole Foster for Metallica ax grinder, Kirk Hammett) in ways no others have. And when our friends down the hill at Roy Brizio’s shop got the coupe buttoned up for Pebble Beach back in ’05, we were just so stoked to see them roll off the green with the top honors. Kewl.

So, it’s up for sale again at Mecum’s big-tent event in Anaheim, CA. Just what you need for the space in the garage currently inhabited by lawnmowers and fun noodles and other worthless shit that you will now clear out. Right?


Monday, June 11th, 2012


Welp, it finally happened: Dave Tanimura has put the super-bitchin’ Morris Bros./SO-CAL Speedshop roadster up for sale. Now, make no mistake –– this is one of the few chances you’ll ever get to own a car with so much deep California race history. This thing ran just about every type of 4-wheel racing available over its 50-some year career. And though it ran a bunch of different motor/tranny combos, paint schemes and trim, Dave restored it to its late Forties/early Fifties look. With some amazing original equipment and a new, period-correct flathead, the guy did an amazing job.

We’ve ridden in it, stood next to it when Dick Morris (half of the two-brother team that built the car, originally) finally laid his eyes on it after a thousand years, drank beers sitting on the rear tire in Dave’s garage and have just generally loved this car for years. Like all the old ebay screws say, “Bid with confidence.”

Bookmark the auction (here) and bid the hell out of this thing. You’re not gonna find another one like it on the planet. And that’s a fact.


Thursday, May 24th, 2012


Hey, in case you missed it yesterday, Dave Bautista –– of the Northern California Lucky Bastards CC –– is selling his bitchin’ little Model A roadster. This thing comes with a top customized for the chopped windshield, neat hood & sides and is just the right combination of stance, motor position (intake/carb combination fills the gap under the hood so many unchanneled cars suffer from) and promise of good times.

Check it on eBay right (here) and watch this thing…


Thursday, May 3rd, 2012


So, you’re planning on making the trip to the California Central Coast to hang out with Cole Foster and his Salinas Boys this weekend. Good choice. And we’ll meet you there. And to kick off the epicness, Juan and Deadend Magazine — a website you should bookmark — will be putting on an art auction tomorrow night in Salinas proper.

As for us, we’ll be spooning with Rico “Father Fury” Fodrey in the storage rack above Cole’s shop that night. And no, you can’t come over.

Find out more about the Deadend show (here) and we’ll see you soon!


Monday, April 23rd, 2012



Back in 2001, when we first interviewed “Jungle” Pam Hardy, she was a legend wrapped in just a thin veil of mystery. Not only did we grow up up around cars, garages and backyard race shops, but we grew up on the East Coast — about 75 miles from where “Jungle Jim” Liberman lived and made a name for himself as a Funny Car drag racer in the early Seventies — and Pam wasn’t just a smudged snapshot taped to the inside lid of a toolbox, she was a real girl a whole lot of people knew.

So, we knew she had to be a feature in the premiere issue of our first magazine dedicated to underground car culture. A decade ago, Jungle Pam was a heroine known to most die-hard gearheads and drag race fans who either partied or were at least born in the Seventies, but the generation coming up behind us really had no clue who she was or what she had done for the sport, lifestyle and women of the era.

Now, thanks mostly to the interwebs, Jungle Pam is enjoying a huge resurgence of attention. Old photos have bubbled up from home scanners all over the place and a quick googling of her name will initiate the unknowing PDF-ingQ. She’s one of our favorite people in the whole world and we just don’t get to see enough of her.

And it’s for this reason, we have to believe, that somebody out there thinks a period-perfect “Jungle Jim” halter top is worth $3,500. That’s right — the comma ain’t in the wrong place. The free market will tell this guy whether or not he’s been hittin’ the pipe too hard in less than a week, but if this thing (not even claimed to be worn by Pam, which would put it in a whole ‘nuther category and we’d HAVE to bid on it) brings that kind of money, we need to dig into the attics of all our childhood friends still living out past the York airport on the Lincoln Hiway. Seriously.

See more (here) and bookmark this one. We’ll be checking back next weekend to see what goes down…


Wednesday, January 4th, 2012


OK, OK, OK –– this whole thing makes us do the pee-pee dance and then sit, rocking back and forth tapping our foreheads like Rain Man, but the auction house of Barrett-Jackson is offering up the very first General Lee! Yep, in a storied history of the greatest car personality of all TV-land time crashing through about half of the entire production line of ’69 Chargers over its 7-year “Dukes Of Hazzard” run, the very first one George Barris changed from Confederate Grey to General Lee Orange and jumped a Hazzard County Finest in episode #1, “One Armed Bandits,” is up on the auction block.

This car was rescued from a Georgia bone yard and restored to its former glory, crooked “01″ numbers on the doors and everything. From what we can tell, it even has the period-correct blue “GENERAL LEE” lettering over the door tops before turning to black letters later on.

Take a look over at the B-J site (here) for more info and let us know when you win it. We’d like to respectfully ask for a ride. And maybe a date with Catherine Bach. We’ve already asked for the hall-pass from our wives. Now, if only we could find a pair of period-original General Lee Kangaroos sneakers to go with it…

2012, Y’ALL!

Monday, January 2nd, 2012


And what better way than to kick off the new year with a new trike in the garage? Born Loser posted up this Bay Area show trike for sale and we want it BAD. So, take advantage of our cake-challenged position at the moment and drop him a note (here) and make arrangements for delivery. We’d love to know the history behind this thing. A pair of vintage Torque Twisters?!? C’mon…


Monday, July 25th, 2011


We saw over on Jalopnik that Chuck Miller’s 1968 Ridler Award winning Model T C-cab fire truck is gonna be up on the auction block again in September (here).

Now, much as we dig this thing, the kiss of death for us is the Ridler trophy that comes along with it. The Ridler, if it doesn’t instantly conjur up some images for you, is an award given every year since, oh, ’64, at the Detroit Autorama. It’s given to the best, uh, custom car entered in the show and the car can only be entered once. And as far as we’re concerned, there hasn’t been a great car to win this thing since the late Sixties.

Now, we say that because it was basically known that show cars built specifically to win shows were ruling the scene up till the early Seventies. For some reason, once the Seventies were ushered in, the cars winning the Ridler Award just got progressively dumber till present-day when we just roll our eyes and give a dramatic sigh as we gaze upon the latest six-figure exercise in lame-ness.

We’ve posted our favorites here and you’ll notice that these were all show cars of the Sixties. Interesting, huh? But, the Sixties was the height of the era of show cars built to be just that: no excuses, no misguided ideas of a car that might actually be driven down the street, no nod to subtlety or understated beauty. No. NONE of that shit. These were cars built to be pure fantasy and fun, dammit.

And that’s what’s been sorely missing from the Ridler for more than a generation, now. So, we’ll just bask in the warm, glass tube-powered glow of yesteryear when the idea of a blown smallblock-powered fire truck with a gumball light on the scoop could win the most coveted award in all car-dom (sniff).


Thursday, June 23rd, 2011


“It’s all been picked clean.”

“There’s no more good shit out there.”

“Hotrodding is dead.”

They’re all fucking wrong. Just when you really convince yourself that all the chuckleheads standing around at a meet-n-greet –– complaining about how all the gennie tin and OG speed shit has been picked clean and “ePay” is the ruination of hotrodding –– might actually be on to something, something like this barn-fresh ’32 Vicky gasser gets pulled out into the boiling Arizona sunshine.

Yes, this car is being sold on eBay. Yes, it’s being sold by a guy who knows what he’s got. No, you’re not gonna get some sort of screamin’ deal on it –– the bids are just north of $28 Large and the reserve ain’t been met and we’re guessing it’s gonna at least double that before the weeping and teeth-gnashing is over. But, this guy in Tucson has at least bolted up a decently period-correct 327 with some rare parts thrown in for good measure and it’s about as perfect as it can get. And remember: most of the great stuff on this car hasn’t been made in generations, so there’s not much chance of these parts (and the sum of them) ever losing value.

Anyway, take a look at the auction (here) to find out more –– hell, the vintage Mexican upholstery is probably worth its weight in gold (naugahyde). And thanks for the tip, Robbie!