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Friday, May 13th, 2011


We love wristwatches. Totally dig ‘em. And in a few days, one of rarest watches Rolex ever made –– the Reference 4113 –– will finally go up on the Christie’s auction block (here).

Why is this one so rare? Well, only a dozen of these were ever made and out of those, only eight are known to exist. And, get this: these were made at the height of World War II specifically for European race car drivers of the era, hence the split-seconds feature, allowing drivers to record lap times. Dig on THAT. Apparently, these twelve pieces were never listed in a catalog and were never advertised for sale and were somehow cloaked in the mysteries of Sicilian automobile racing. Only makes this one more interesting, really.

Now, while we’re trying to figure out how to place a bid on this one, know that it’s estimated this Rolex is expected to easily roll over the million dollar mark. Whew.


Thursday, March 10th, 2011



How righteously bitchin’ is THIS?!? A truly unmolested, survivor from the first days of the Funny Car revolution in the last days of the Sixties? The Hell Fire Corvette, campaigned by Jim Shue and Johnny Wright between 1969 and 1970, was not only one of the coolest-looking cars of that era, but it’s gotta be one of the few that seemed to somehow survived all these years intact.

See, most of these racecars were exactly that: racecars that constantly blew motors, grenaded clutches and rearends, caught fire, wrecked and any assortment of other near misses and catastrophes. You gotta remember: these early Funny Cars were really not much more than Fuel Altereds with fiberglass bodies on them, so they were wild and wooly, to say the least. And the fact that this one is now up for sale, complete with a Reath Automotive drivetrain (and a 426 Hemi, to be exact), is really sumpn’ sumpn.’

Mecum Auctions are the lucky bastards who get to auction this real survivor off tomorrow (here). Go get your carcass to Kansas City, register for a paddle and bid the hell out of this thing. When are you gonna get another chance at such a perfect, unmolested time capsule from 40 years ago? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

And then let us know how much you paid for it and when we can come lick it clean. Dammit.


Saturday, February 19th, 2011


This one’s blowed up on the interwebs and John Bell sent it over to us to gander: a supposedly original, full-fendered Model A coupe hot rod –– complete with a bitchin’ Olds 303 and what look like sufficiently-janky copper headers!

These days, it’s hard to really authenticate an eBay auction without actually being there to kick some old-air tires. And we ain’t goin’ back to Dallas anytime soon (after we saw what a quarter-inch of snow can do to Super Bowl weekend in North Tejas). So, take a look at this neat little gow-job (here) and let us know what you think. We’re pretty much down with it and we’d even keep those home-plumbing headers, too. Jeez, they lasted this long, after all…


Thursday, January 20th, 2011


‘member this nifty little Deuce that we featured on the ACF Auction Block way back last April (here)? Well, Dean Micetich got ahold of us a few days ago and said that the car was no longer available. Sold? Kept? Hidden? Parted out? Mounted on a pole out front of the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel? We have no idea. But we wanted to let you know so that Dean isn’t woken up by a nagging email ‘ding’ with questions about the car. Right on, Dean –– drive that thing up to SF and hang out if it’s not being shish-kabobbed next to that big guitar in front of the Hard Rock…


Monday, November 8th, 2010


Got word that a vintage, virgin fueler rolling chassis is up for grabs: an honest-to-cripes “Moonlite” full roller! Man, you just don’t see these every day and from the few pics we were sent, it looks like the real deal.

With a pair of original Moon-built frontrunners and 3.5 gallon tank, what looks like a pair of original magnesium Americans, the perfect stance and a “Hawthorne” plate, to boot, it just doesn’t get much better than this. Now, Pete Hendrickson says that this thing is a late Fifties/early Sixties build that was never raced and he claims it might’ve been the last one ever built. From the looks of the tubing, we’d say that’s a fair assessment and we’re dying to hear more about it.

If you’re interested, give Pete a jangle and let us know what you find. We ain’t even gonna call, because we don’t have the cake to plunk down, so that would be considered torture and we don’t condone that sort of thing. Mostly.

Pete Hendrickson

And if you can shed more light on this thing, let us know that, too and we’ll post it up…


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

dog catcher

Lifelong hotrodder and buddy, Dave Tanimura, sent over this trusty dopelist Craigslist classified ad: the one and only “Dog Catcher” ’33 Willys gasser is for sale!

By the end of the Sixties, the Gasser and Altered classes of drag racing had pretty much been replaced by the Funny Car, but these cars remained the wild hair up the ass of drag racing for a long time and are still loved to this day. The ’33 Willys panel delivery that was turned into the Dog Catcher went through a few different paint schemes in the Seventies and even won the International Show Car Association’s favor by showing up on their crazy-popular circuit and in the accompanying showbook.

Now, the car is for sale in its “Bob Urban” paint scheme and we want it. BAD. While we don’t have the cake to plunk down for it, it’s apparently in the greater Sacramento, CA area and maybe we need to go see it before it gets snatched up. Roadtrip, anyone?

See the car’s listing (here) and let us know if you’re interested – we’ve got gas in the truck and a tandem-axle flatbed just aching for a run…


Wednesday, June 16th, 2010



Neat alert over at Bring A Trailer (here): Roy Mayne’s ’65 Impala NASCAR racer on Ebay! It’s rare to see a Sixties-era stock car for sale in a condition like this one. There’s no motor or transmission, but apparently the guy knows where the original 409 and 4-speed are and they’re both available. Too good to be true? Not sure, but it certainly looks legit enough to make a few calls and find out who’s got a trailer close to this guy’s place in Royston, GA (here).

We certainly dig on this era of NASCAR when you really could make the leap between the car on the track on Sunday and the new car in the showroom on Monday. We’d love to see vintage cars come back to the tracks as a fourth series of modern-day NASCAR, but we know better than to think Bill France’s grandkids could have that kind of vision for the family business.

In the meantime, bid this thing up –– but do us a favor when you win the auction: leave the original paint and hand-lettering alone, please…

ACF AUCTION BLOCK: Dean’s Deuce 3-Window

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010


Dean Micetich, the taller half of DicE magazine (here), is putting his ’32 Ford 3-window coupe up for grabs. We got the email this morning and he describes it thusly:

“I’m asking around $55,000 for it or trade for anything interesting:
It was built in 1968…see pics. It was a Venice, CA car. No magazines or anything but it is a time warp. It sat in a garage from 1970 until 1999. The grille was swapped for a chopped down original passenger grille and Arrow headlights were added, also. The Kennedy Brothers got it and updated the chassis a little to make it safe and driveable! Including a SO-CAL Speed Shop center cross member, F100 steering (instead of ’32 Ford) and replacing the 4-speed for a TH350. Plus, new wiring, rebuilding brakes, etc., etc. It has a 283, 350 trans and ’50 Olds rearend. Split wishbones front and rear. Old dropped axle, ’40 Ford brakes up front.

The body is real nice! I was going to unchanneled the car and the Kennedys said it would be easy because whoever channeled it left half of the subrails, so it wasn’t all hacked out. Interior was done in the ’60s. Diamond tuck with chrome garnish moldings and old SW gauges that all work, except for gas gauge. But I didn’t have the heart to do it. Car runs and drives great and is tagged etc. Wheels are magnesium Halibrands on rear and old aluminum mags up front.

I would trade anything interesting, really…bike or car…depending on what it is.”

So, there you have it: a gennie 3-window coupe with some good, slightly documented, southern California history. The price isn’t horrible and the willingness to trade makes it that much more interesting. We dig the passenger grille and headlights more than the early Seventies version of the car (see below) and even though we’d chuck that 283/350 combo in favor of a nailhead or hemi and go looking for the 86ed 4-speed, the price or trade deal makes that completely possible.

If you’re interested, drop us a line here and we’ll put you through our rigorous screening process before passing you onto the seller. Dig it!

The Tanimura-restored, Morris Brothers-built, SO-CAL Speed Shop roadster

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Morris Bros. car

Remember when we showed you Dave Tanimura’s gennie SO-CAL Speedshop roadster (here)? Well, he left for Pomona, CA and the 2010 Grand National Roadster Show with it this morning. He and Rick Najera took off with a trailer in tow and are loading the car into the vintage race car building at the Pomona Fairplex as of this writing and he called to tell us the lineup is “bitchin.” That’s all we needed to hear.

What’s so great about this Morris Brothers-built, SO-CAL Speedshop roadster is not just that it campaigned and trophied in just about every style of racing available from the Forties through the Seventies, not just that it’s extremely well documented in magazines and historic photos and existing trophies and not just that Alex Xydias (founder of SO-CAL) remembers the car that he allowed the Morris brothers to paint in the legendary speed shop’s color scheme…

…no, the really big deal here is that Dave has proven that it’s possible to acquire such a car and restore it to its original glory simply by paying attention to details, respecting the history and taking the time to do it right. Well, the fact that he knows what he’s doing doesn’t hurt, either.

Dave chose the roadster’s Forties-era trim to bedazzle it in once more and we couldn’t dig on it harder. ‘Specially the soaped-on numbers –– just like olden tymes on the dry lakes, bro!

Stop by to see Dave and the car this weekend at the GNRS and chug a Diet Coors for us while you’re there.

UPDATE: Dave just sent in this shot from the floor of the GNRS:



Wednesday, November 4th, 2009



Awright, we don’t usually open up the doors of the ACF auction house more than once a week, but John Watkins has decided to let go of his bitchin’ Deuce sedan and this thing is even bitchiner because it’s got some good history. John Otis, who owned the car in the Fifties when it showed up in Car Craft magazine, finally turned it over nearly twenty years ago and Watkins did a great restoration of it. You can see more about the car (here). John’s in Texas, so drop us a line if you wanna get in touch with him and put this thing in your driveway. Hey, wouldn’t you rather drive this to work every day instead of your Sonata?