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Monday, November 2nd, 2009

1935 Ford coupe for sale

Well, we’re dragging another neat car up onto the ‘ol ACF auction block: this time, it’s a bitchin’ 1935 Ford coupe. It’s a San Francisco car that’s basically all original except for a 12-volt conversion and a pair of headers on the 1940-vintage flathead. The owner was fixin’ to update entire drivetrain and running gear to make it a long-hauler, but decided to sell it so he could concentrate on some other projects.

So, with its original black lacquer, interior, trunk, undercarriage, etc., it’s ready to roll with an alternator and a 12-volt charging system, 3-speed and good wide whites. You’re getting an exclusive crack at this thing before it goes up on Ebay this week, so give us a holler if you want to see more pics, set up a time to come out and see it or talk to the owner. DIG IT.


Monday, September 28th, 2009


Every once in awhile, we’ll be featuring the sale of a custom car we really dig. The formula’s pretty simple: the car either has some neat history, is a good specimen of a specific era of car culture or, well, we just really dig it.

We’ll kick this off the with the Tanimura T: Dave Tanimura has a good eye for era-correct hot rods and customs and he found this little guy somewhere near San Rafael, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Nor-Cal. It’s a ’27 T roadster pickup with an early-Sixties Corvette 327 and a 350 automatic. Judging by the build, interior upholstery and body, he guesses it was probably built in the late Sixties and was given some Seventies-era touches – like “Daisy” chrome 15″ wheels and radials – that he’s since removed and replaced with slicks and bias-plys on chrome-reversed steelies.

It’s a neat runner and the thing is absolutely turn-key and a riot to run around in. Plunk down the cake, jump in and tear-ass outta there, broseph…

You can get in on the bidding (here).