It was coming. With the glorious return of classic menswear in the form of youngsters geeking on everything from selvege denim to straight-edge razors, Dickies wasn’t about to be left in the vintage dust. And today, the Dickies 1922 Collection is being unveiled in New York City.

Sure, you could say that everyone’s jumping on this well-designed bandwagon, but we say, “So what? It’s better than the clown parade streetwear has become and it’s based on timeless good style and taste. Go for it.” Now, having said exactly that, we’ve seen the poser patrol (Steve Grasse’s Art In The Age in Philadelphia, for instance) jump onboard, but we know they’ll jump right off when the trendies move on. In the meantime, we’ll stay right here and hang out with the good folks from Dickies, thanks.


The Dickies 1922 Collection is small, but neat: a “Uniform Shirt” and a “Uniform Pant” available in Khaki or Suntan, hemmed or cuffed pant, short or long sleeve shirt and that about wraps it up, kids. But here’s the thing: Dickies is painstakingly bringing back the cut and style of its early days and its Texas roots. We just couldn’t be happier about that.


In alot of ways, Dickies is a brand to define ourselves much the way, say, Ford is. You’re either a Dickies man or you’re not. And that says something about you from a mile off –– a guy (or girl, for that matter) in a pair of Dickies gets the subtle nod from another guy in Dickies as they pass on the street or in the parking lot. Means that you know a little something about cars, most likely. Means that you’ll offer a cold beer without being asked on a hot day and you’re more likely to stop and lend a hand to a guy broke down alongside the road. And if you’re just faking it in your Dickies because you just like hanging out with the real Dickies guys, the real Dickies guys are gonna sniff you out even faster. When you’re a Dickies guy, you don’t actually talk about this stuff, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to pull back the curtain on these unwritten rules.


Now, just like everything else, this quintessential American brand had succumbed to the offshore siren song of foreign factories years ago, but we don’t really hold that against it –– in this day and age, you can’t buy your Dickies for under $30.00 and cry about them taking jobs from hard-working Americans. So just get over that. But you can feel good about the 1922 Collection being made exclusively in their Uvalde, Texas factory and you’ll pay accordingly: $200 for the historically accurate pants and $175 for the accompanying shirt.

The collection won’t be available till sometime in July, but when it is, you’ll be able to get the goods at our very own Unionmade (here) right here in San Francisco. We’re assuming they’ll be made available in other stores across the country, but we’re also assuming these are not the Dickies you’ll find at Wal-Mart.

Special thanks to Selecticism and A Continuous Lean (where you’ll also find some great old Dickies photography) for their work on this stuff.


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