ACF AUCTION BLOCK: Dean’s Deuce 3-Window


Dean Micetich, the taller half of DicE magazine (here), is putting his ’32 Ford 3-window coupe up for grabs. We got the email this morning and he describes it thusly:

“I’m asking around $55,000 for it or trade for anything interesting:
It was built in 1968…see pics. It was a Venice, CA car. No magazines or anything but it is a time warp. It sat in a garage from 1970 until 1999. The grille was swapped for a chopped down original passenger grille and Arrow headlights were added, also. The Kennedy Brothers got it and updated the chassis a little to make it safe and driveable! Including a SO-CAL Speed Shop center cross member, F100 steering (instead of ’32 Ford) and replacing the 4-speed for a TH350. Plus, new wiring, rebuilding brakes, etc., etc. It has a 283, 350 trans and ’50 Olds rearend. Split wishbones front and rear. Old dropped axle, ’40 Ford brakes up front.

The body is real nice! I was going to unchanneled the car and the Kennedys said it would be easy because whoever channeled it left half of the subrails, so it wasn’t all hacked out. Interior was done in the ’60s. Diamond tuck with chrome garnish moldings and old SW gauges that all work, except for gas gauge. But I didn’t have the heart to do it. Car runs and drives great and is tagged etc. Wheels are magnesium Halibrands on rear and old aluminum mags up front.

I would trade anything interesting, really…bike or car…depending on what it is.”

So, there you have it: a gennie 3-window coupe with some good, slightly documented, southern California history. The price isn’t horrible and the willingness to trade makes it that much more interesting. We dig the passenger grille and headlights more than the early Seventies version of the car (see below) and even though we’d chuck that 283/350 combo in favor of a nailhead or hemi and go looking for the 86ed 4-speed, the price or trade deal makes that completely possible.

If you’re interested, drop us a line here and we’ll put you through our rigorous screening process before passing you onto the seller. Dig it!

4 Responses to “ACF AUCTION BLOCK: Dean’s Deuce 3-Window”

  1. Church says:

    Sweet. I gots an old BSA lettered, striped and signed by one Mr. Kenneth Howard I’d consider parting with.

  2. STONER says:

    We seem to remember one BSA, there, Church! If he doesn’t go for it, we’ve got a ’52 Henry J with your name on it…

  3. Dean says:

    I have seen the light and decided to keep my Deuce so you can take this off the website now.
    Thanks though!

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