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In an age when “old school” means 2005, we can’t imagine asking anyone to remember 1999, but here it is: our own Kim Mejia and Trish Ward in a San Francisco news piece on the Swing craze of the late Nineties. With movies like Jon Favreau’s “Swingers,” magazines like Leslie Rosenberg’s Atomic and Rosina Rothman’s Modern Lounge, and the early days of the Rat Rod movement, we’ll argue that those Swing days might not have been possible without the new approach to retro car culture that kicked up dust in the early Nineties.

Those were heady days when retro was new again and it’s been fascinating to see how those Lindy Hoppers have weathered the last decade. Hey, it’s 2010 and new hair greases are still being concocted in bathtubs everywhere, vintage-inspired fashion is back in a big way (see this week’s PRT) and there’s a new focus on repopped vintage speed equipment (well, we mention that to make us feel good more than anything, really).

So, enjoy the retro retro…

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