Neat alert over at Bring A Trailer (here): Roy Mayne’s ’65 Impala NASCAR racer on Ebay! It’s rare to see a Sixties-era stock car for sale in a condition like this one. There’s no motor or transmission, but apparently the guy knows where the original 409 and 4-speed are and they’re both available. Too good to be true? Not sure, but it certainly looks legit enough to make a few calls and find out who’s got a trailer close to this guy’s place in Royston, GA (here).

We certainly dig on this era of NASCAR when you really could make the leap between the car on the track on Sunday and the new car in the showroom on Monday. We’d love to see vintage cars come back to the tracks as a fourth series of modern-day NASCAR, but we know better than to think Bill France’s grandkids could have that kind of vision for the family business.

In the meantime, bid this thing up –– but do us a favor when you win the auction: leave the original paint and hand-lettering alone, please…

5 Responses to “VINTAGE NASCAR!”

  1. Kyran Clune says:

    From the photo shown this car was raced with a 427, not 409c.i. (on the hood)

  2. STONER says:

    Yeah, we noticed that, too, Kyran –– but, it’s entirely possible that the car originally ran a 409 when it was first debuted and then changed to a 427 when they started showing up on the NASCAR circuit late in the ’65 season.

    Also, note that the very first pic in the gallery shows Mayne driving a ’66 with what looks like maybe an updated paint job from the ’65 car.

    Full disclosure: we don’t know a ton about NASCAR in the Sixties, so our immediate recall is kinda limited. But it’d be neat to find out more about that drivetrain that is apparently available…

  3. Ant says:

    409 was in very early 65′s .This thing is so cool from when NASCAR was cool.

  4. Roscoe says:

    Awesome. That is an era when drivers were drivers… and I guar-on-teee Old Roy did not arrive at the track in a private jet.
    I agree Stoner, the first picture is a different car… but the last picture is much more represenative of the car posted. In the last black and white, check out the way the “6″ is contured at the top… very similar to the number on the car for sale. But like most, I mean all, race cars, shit was changed in and out regularly due to damage and what $$$ the owner could spare.

    WAY bitchen no matter the history!

  5. john w. says:

    Is the car for sale?
    Any number?

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