If you’re old enough to know what Playboy Magazine was all about in 1980, you’ll remember Dorothy Stratten –– the Playmate killed by her insane husband, Paul Snider (frighteningly well played by Eric Roberts in the 1983 film, “STAR 80,” named after Snider’s personalized license plates).

What we weren’t so familiar with was a certain photoshoot by a certain William LaChasse with a George Barris custom ’80 Firebird. Which quickly led to the discovery of a few more images that really prove an equally frighteningly accurate representation of the world of custom cars and bikes in the late Seventies. The unforgettable Dorothy Stratten and the forgettable showcars of that era: bittersweet, ain’t it?

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  1. Ant says:

    The Firebird was an MPC model kit.
    I think John Travolta had one just like
    it too.

  2. STONER says:

    Ant droppin’ knowledge! Right on, man –– that’s one model kit I never had (out of the bazillions that ran through my chubby little kid fingers), but now I want one…

  3. [...] shot comes from a photoshoot by William LaChasse. (You can see rather a lot more of it at Autoculture.) Remember when 60-series tires seemed to have proportions as improbable as [...]

  4. [...] Dorothy Stratten posing with the 1979 Firebird Trans Am wide-body custom-built by none other than the legendary George Barris, and that starred in the Steve Martin film “The Jerk”. Barris built it, and the “John Travolta Firebird Fever” Trans Am, side-by-side at his shop. “FF” sported a high-performance Pontiac 455 engine, custom interior with Recaora seats, custom flared fenders, Racemark steering wheel, T-roof with tinted panels, opening “Shaker” hood, rear “Whale tail” spoiler, Hooker side pipes, real rubber Firestone S/S radial tires, colorful “Fever” decals, custom instrument panel. “Firebird Fever” was released in conjunction with Revell’s matching 1/25 scale plastic model kit to capitalize on Travolta’s mass popularity at the time. Photo by William LaChasse, via Autoculture [...]

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