PRT: The End Of History beer, or “Beer-In-A-Stoat”


This week on Product Review Tuesdays, we thought we’d keep with the rare alcohol theme and bring you what has become our absolute favorite beer in the history of beer: “End Of History” made by a brewery with a name as shitty as the beer is unique, BrewDog (here).

Some beers come in a “suitcase” or a “beerball” or a little green glass barrel or even a mini-keg. But a furry little stoat? “The impact of The End Of History is a perfect conceptual marriage between art, taxidermy and craft brewing. The bottles are at once beautiful and disturbing…” claim the boys at BrewDog (imagine The Proclaimers in plushy bunny suits). We’re SO down with that. And what we’re also down with is the reappropriaton, nay, recycling, of what would otherwise be a blight on the roadways of Scotland; dead stoats. Apparently.

The boys go on: “Only 12 bottles have been made and each comes with its own certificate and is presented in a stuffed stoat or grey squirrel. The striking packaging was created by a very talented taxidermist and all the animals used were road kill. This release is a limited run of 11 bottles, 7 stoats and 4 grey squirrels. Each ones comes with its own certificate of authenticity.”

We have no idea what a stoat is, but we suddenly wonder what one tastes like. Kinda cute, really. Tasty, probably. Maybe a little gamey. Beyond that, we barely have the faculties to actually deal with the sheer awesomeness of this 110-proof beer (that’s 55% alcohol for all you amateur drinkers). We guess that’s OK, though, since rumor has it that all 12 very limited-edition bottles sold out in, like, four hours. Time to go check Ebay for beer bottle-sodomized stoats armed with certificates of authenticity…

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  1. Church says:

    Ummmm, that’s just creepy enough to want to own. Someone needs to tell Liz McGrath to go on a stoat hunt an make me a ……… whatever that is.

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