Watched the Noir classic, “One Girl’s Confession,” the other night (again) and got to thinking (again): what is it about mid-century actresses, bombshells and pinups that was so good and so different from the girls trying to do the “pinup” thing in hot rod culture these days?

Cleo Moore, one of the Blonde Bombshells to come out of the Marilyn Monroe era, was a stunning, Louisiana-born vixen who seems to have been just built differently than any of the disasters we see on the covers of those shitty “kar kulture” magazines polluting the stands these days. What was it about Cleo? Could it have just been the architecture of the 1950s-era bra? The girdle? The heels? The sweater? Or could it be that women were just physically built differently sixty-plus years ago?

We’re fascinated by questions like this.

We tend to think that maybe there was just more natural food back then combined with an implant-free makeover landscape and the complete lack of Facebook and ‘duck face’ 23 year-olds with cellphone cameras and a mirror. Well, whatever the reason, we’re happy to report there’s no shortage of photos, celluloid and vintage pulp of Cleo still to be had.

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