The van thing is ON, in case you haven’t noticed. And our own Dirty Donny just picked up this gem of a ’75 ‘Chevyvan’ for just a few hundies. A set of freshly polished slots, a hand-painted Wile. E. Coyote on the fridge door and a rod through the block. A bargain in any version of currency.


The plan was to tow it down to Gordini’s garage in Newark, CA for a fresh small-block and some lowering treatment in the front, but the stupid thing was too wide for the U-Haul wheel dolly (I think we coulda wedged it between the plastic fenders, but Donny wisely didn’t feel like paying the damage fees that probably would’ve actually bought the useless hunkashit). So, a call to AAA with a well-planted “I dunno…it just won’t start” call is in order for a free ride on a rollback. (Note: the “Reduces Carbon Emissions” will be more than made up for when all the smog equipment gets 86′ed for a 750 dubble-pumper and the rusty chrome bugle tips get replaced by a set of cheap sidepipes)

Watch for updates on this pig: a new bubble window, a new mural theme idea (“Planet Of The Apes,” maybe?) and a mean rake might all be in the future…


Yep, it’s a real survivor: if the faded custom panel job didn’t clue us in, the warm homeless dog smell in the blue mini-shag carpeting surely gave it away…righteous!

2 Responses to “DIRTY DONNY’S VAN-TASY”

  1. Church says:

    …or he can paint it pink and call it “van-gina”. Now he can haul that kick ass pinball machine he painted. WOW!!!

  2. Dirty Donny says:

    Thanks Handsome Dan.
    Also, there is a Vangina. I posted it on my blog a year or two ago.
    Apparently it’s still around.

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