12:00 HIGH


Long time friend, photographer and Baltimore native, Jay Watson, sent us a note about a new documentary film that’s just reached its funding goal to complete: “Twelve O’Clock In Baltimore” is an indie film by some local Baltimore boys who find beauty in the Twelve O’Clock Boyz dirt bike gang on the streets of Charm City.

See, if you’ve ever lived in Baltimore, you’ve heard about the deal where cops, as a rule, don’t chase after kids on dirt bikes in the city because they’re known to take adverse risks that could put the general population in harm’s way if pursued. So, what happens next? Pirates on two-strokes taking over the streets of The City That Breeds with abandon, that’s what!

We fully dig it.

As one of the last great finger-in-the-air moves to the Blue Gang, the 12:00 Boyz regularly test their limits and it really seems like a wheelie down MLK or North Ave. on a CR500 is in order, next time we go back for a Nightshift fix.

In the meantime, check out the film’s page (here) for the trailer and skip Lotfy’s painfully white description of his film. Just dream of doing your fuel mixture in the middle of the night and riding down The Block around, well, 12:00 with the Boyz…

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  1. damion aka damo put it up says:

    how do u gt in da 12 o’clock boys

  2. damion aka damo put it up says:

    or any of the other dirt bike gang

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