Caught this gem yesterday afternoon in the legendary Fillmore District of San Francisco. And no, we ain’t talkin’ about the Taurus.

Unlike just about every other city on the West Coast, Sucker Free is alot like a Right Coast city in that it’s much easier to live here without a car (but what would we know –– we keep about seven old cars here in town). On top of that, there’s the hills. On top of that, gas is about $35.00/gallon. On top of that, there are the “One Less Car” bike freaks with expired 9volt batteries velcroed to their downtubes for any car that gets near them as they wander across lanes. On top of that, there are the homeless who like to jump in front of traffic to see if they can get hit and get the ‘homelessness-is-a-right’ crazies to get them a little walkin’-around money in small claims court. On top of that, there are the junk-spikers who love easy break-in cars to nod off in while you’re in the theater getting your “Timewarp” groove on. On top of that, if you don’t watch your meter, you’re looking at a $75 ticket. On top of that, the ocean water temperature is about 1º this time of year.

That, friends, is why this snapshot is so incredibly bitchin.’

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