dog catcher

Lifelong hotrodder and buddy, Dave Tanimura, sent over this trusty dopelist Craigslist classified ad: the one and only “Dog Catcher” ’33 Willys gasser is for sale!

By the end of the Sixties, the Gasser and Altered classes of drag racing had pretty much been replaced by the Funny Car, but these cars remained the wild hair up the ass of drag racing for a long time and are still loved to this day. The ’33 Willys panel delivery that was turned into the Dog Catcher went through a few different paint schemes in the Seventies and even won the International Show Car Association’s favor by showing up on their crazy-popular circuit and in the accompanying showbook.

Now, the car is for sale in its “Bob Urban” paint scheme and we want it. BAD. While we don’t have the cake to plunk down for it, it’s apparently in the greater Sacramento, CA area and maybe we need to go see it before it gets snatched up. Roadtrip, anyone?

See the car’s listing (here) and let us know if you’re interested – we’ve got gas in the truck and a tandem-axle flatbed just aching for a run…


  1. COOP says:

    Fuck, I NEED this. I can live with just one kidney, right?

  2. STONER says:

    A left nut might get you closer to the asking price, Coop…

  3. Church says:

    Yes you do Coop. Is it steel pr plastic? What about the engine? Looks like the weezer and manifold are missing. What else? Offer 18K?

  4. this is a made in usa steel body n fiberglass hood i had a hand in helpin bob build this awsome car from the ground up n this car has never seen the street (if i remember the story right ) i got too build this twice 1 time as streetrod .. put in world of wheels an they told bob of you make this a show car you have a spot on the tour within a week the car was disassembled n rebuilt as you see here (with differant paint job )one yr later n was the first car as you walked into the W.O.W in miami…. scott

  5. bob urban says:

    Hi guys and thanks for the comments, this was an all steel body with a glass nose-This truck was raced in the 60′s by Keith Ferrell–I am in the process of building Dog Catcher 2

  6. bob urban says:

    Hi, again, The Dog Catcher has been sold to a very worthy guy named Mike from New Jersey and finally gotten out of the hell hole it was in for over 35 years. Mike has contacted me to restore her sometime in the future–WOW, WHAT A RUSH TAHT WILL BE–Like an old lost friend.

  7. Alan says:

    Wish you had a pic of the back door. I believe I painted the Dog Catcher logo on the door back when you lived in pines Bob. I loved that car, with all the gold in that engine. : ) what a show vehicle!

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