This week on Product Review Tuesdays, we bring you to the crossroads of Southern California lowrider style and Northern Minnesota function: yep, it’s the Pendleton roll-up blanket!

Sure, you might be the hipness when you stroll out of Greenspan’s or Siegel’s with a new button-down, but what kind of style you flossin’ when you camp out at Bakersfield for the Hot Rod Reunion or on the ride to the Born Free show? That’s right, son –– not much.

Well, Pendleton’s got you covered, in more ways than one. With their new Roll-Up in four different classic Pendleton plaids, there’s sure to be one to match one of the shirts in your closet. And with a nylon backing, you can keep the loose rust chunkies in the trunk or the constant flying case oil from your Pan off the pretty side longer that you thought. And as an extra security feature, you can blend right into it at night if you match up your plaids, allowing you to do covert doob stash recon when the campfire finally goes out.

Get yours (here) and remember: just like your other Pendletons, you gotta put on the house slippers and walk your new Roll-Up to the drycleaner every few months…


  1. Daisy says:

    I Got one of these sweaters ey but in red its hella firm i use to norte parties!!

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