So, we’ve been watching closely –– and sometimes, even lending a hand on –– Coby Gewertz’ gamechanger early Econoline van materializing at Tim Conder’s Conder Custom in Sonoma, CA over the last year or so. As we understand it, Coby was searching for the perfect vehicle to not only transport his wildly popular Church magazine to car shows, but a machine to show off on its own. Needed to be something unique. Had to meet his ultra-aware design sense. Wouldn’t hurt if it could be squeezed into a 10′x20′ car show booth space. A custom shop that appreciated the tenets of real graphic design the way Coby does was more of a requirement than just an added benefit.

Enter Conder Custom. Coby had the van sent up the coast from L.A. to Nor-Cal wine country and Tim got to work. Now, even though we’ve been privy to VanGo materializing over the past year, we promised Coby that we wouldn’t reveal the full custom till he was ready. But, he posted some of his own shots of this game-changing custom van and we’re just about positive you’ve never seen anything like it. As you’ll see, the interior has a sort of Danish Modern appeal to it and it’s fully functional as a Church magazine showcase when the cargo doors are opened: flat files under the floor, pin lighting, magazine racks, stainless steel t-shirt runner racks, gallery-style white walls…all this interior needs is a few hipsters in sour milk-smelling beards and Hundreds tees showing up for free wine-by-the-glass and standing out front smoking bummed cigarettes to make it a rolling art gallery.

And the details abound: floating headlight bezels, Camaro split-bumpers, a ton of handformed hidden hinges, complete lack of right angles in the handformed wood interior, ’50 Pontiac taillights, the acres of massaged panels to get the body straight, color-matched stringers in the custom wood seats connected by handmade steel spines, the list is just mindboggling.

VanGo is just about finished and to illustrate its crossover appeal, the venerable Communication Arts magazine and design studio/type foundry House Industries are already hip to the sickness. We think lots of great things can happen when a custom car backs into the design industry in the cultural parking lot and hotrodders and creatives exchange information.

Watch for more on VanGo and we have a feeling you’ll get your chance to experience this thing first-hand soon enough. In the meantime, here’s a taste from Coby, hisself…

4 Responses to “AN ORIGINAL VAN-GO”

  1. Aaron Kahan says:

    Wow Coby that looks fricken’ killer. Man I love the colors and different materials used. Looking forward to seeing it in person. Amazing work Tim!

  2. brian fox says:

    Nice!! Coby and Conder hit one out of the park with this one. I like the Camaro split bumpers too.

  3. steve-o-matic says:

    damn, that’s sweet

  4. Tell me you know about the Econo-pick nick for early Econolines at the Rose Bowl park in Pasadena, Ca. on April 9th and the all ford show at Knotts Berry farm with the area just for Econolines this year as its the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Econoline. And then Tell me you’ll be there!!!

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