Ah, the Eighties. The era of Ima Get Mine Before You Get Yours. Hardcore Punk Rock became the Reagan antidote, skateboarding and BMX came into their own in a nationwide craze, checkerboard Vans slip-ons crossed the California state line with Jeff Spicoli as their 50-state ambassador, “Porky’s” and “E.T.” fought for crumpled up dollar bills in kids’ pockets –– one for the boob shot, the other for a brand new BMX bike with a funny Japanese name, but both essential to Teen-dom of the day. Oakley Thermonuclear Protection was keeping something harmful out of somewhere, while Hawaiian Tropic Accelerator was baking the rest.

The Eighties was also the era of the VCR. Suddenly, movies and shows could be watched on demand –– a phenomenon never before experienced –– and it changed everything. And for a certain industry, it was nothing short of revolutionary. The American porn business, till then, had been relegated to dirty theaters and “adult bookstores” perched out toward the end of any small town. On the East Coast, the strange conflagration of adult films and run-down drive-in theaters became a beacon of strange light across dark fields and seen from distant roads. And video tape suddenly made porn cheap to produce, on the other end of the business. All this made some girls overnight stars and pop culture forces to be reckoned with on a national level.

Enter Christy Canyon. By the time Greg Rome, a guy already working in porn, discovered Christy as she waited for a ride in front of her apartment building in Hollywood in the early Eighties, the business was hungry for new talent to get to market as quickly as the cheap videos could be boxed up and shipped. Rome told Christy he thought she had what it took to be a “model” and handed her the calling card of Jim South –– a porn recruiter.

Christy posed for a few magazines before starring in her first video, titled “Swedish Erotica 57,” with the Hedgehog himself, Ron Jeremy, in 1984 when she was 18 years old. That kicked off a career that lasted well into the early Nineties, notching up over 200 films and countless performances and appearances for the girl from Pasadena. The heyday of Christy’s career was that of the porn industry, too: nothing but wood paneling, fake rubber trees, hair spray, neon bikinis, backyard pools in the San Fernando Valley and an endless supply of cheap, plentiful, glorious video tape.

These days, Christy can still be found on Playboy Radio and showing up in various cameo appearances. Hell, she’s even on Facebook. Love that girl.

And while we’re thinking of it, the pics are slightly NSFW, as if you needed to be reminded…


  1. Watson says:

    Is this why you asked me advice for which scanner to buy?

  2. Jim says:

    Thank you SOOO MUCH! Christy Canyon has been my ALLLL TIME favorite from her FIRST appearance in Penthouse by the pool as well as those videos with an underage Traci Lords (who I went to Redondo High School with).

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