We love wristwatches. Totally dig ‘em. And in a few days, one of rarest watches Rolex ever made –– the Reference 4113 –– will finally go up on the Christie’s auction block (here).

Why is this one so rare? Well, only a dozen of these were ever made and out of those, only eight are known to exist. And, get this: these were made at the height of World War II specifically for European race car drivers of the era, hence the split-seconds feature, allowing drivers to record lap times. Dig on THAT. Apparently, these twelve pieces were never listed in a catalog and were never advertised for sale and were somehow cloaked in the mysteries of Sicilian automobile racing. Only makes this one more interesting, really.

Now, while we’re trying to figure out how to place a bid on this one, know that it’s estimated this Rolex is expected to easily roll over the million dollar mark. Whew.

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