Over at Bring A Trailer, a used Tatra (we know…funny, right?) is being offed on the eBay and it got us to thinking: yeah, yeah, yeah –– Leno’s got one and it’s cool and all, but what would be the ultimate in Czech cool?

A lowered Tatra rolling wide whites and Astros, son!

Yeah, we said it. We’re not exactly sure how to rebuild the internal rotating assembly on the weird Czech version of an apposed 4-cylinder to accept a blower without grenading, but we’re fairly certain it can be (and should be) done.

This thing comes with the rotisserie the body is currently strapped to, so that just makes it an even more sensible purchase. Really, now – a freakin’ TATRA TATRAPLAN? Just saying the words when someone asks what your lo-lo is has the potential to be as bitchin’ as the car’s weird dorsal fin. And just think: with a custom Tatra, you finally have a good reason to start frequenting one of those Eastern Bloc dating sites.

Find the auction for your soon-to-be-lowered Tatra (here) and call us when you win it. We’ve got a tandem-axle flatbed and a truck with a CB.

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