In the Fifties, the girlie pinup craze was in full effect. World War II had brought the idea of the pinup girl into vogue and ten years later, she became a real-life doll in the ultra-repressive era that ultimately gave way to the Free Love of the next generation. But during that pivotal decade post-war and pre-whatever goes, the pinup girl ruled.

And Virginia “Ding Dong” Bell epitomized that girl. An unbelievably stacked 5’2″ and apparently not a modest bone from one end to the other, Virginia’s frame became the standard that all others were put up against. Born the same year as Ford’s Deuce, she was 22 when she started performing on burlesque stages in southern California and became a stag magazine staple in no time at all. At one point, Virginia even made the mainstream jump, posing with one of Larry Watson’s customs for the insanely popular hot rod magazines of the Day.

She made a few stag films that were so bad, they’re actually good and –– thanks to the interwebs –– she’s enjoying another surge of popularity with a generation that is starting to appreciate a chest that was once thought to be “enhanced” in an era when implants were exotic things of wonder. There were few girls who embodied the impossible proportions of the hand-painted calendar girls and nose-art of the wartime aircraft men of the era were accustomed to. But Virginia had it all in spades and capitalized on it. Or them, as it were. Word is, Virginia’s still with us and she doesn’t have bigger fans than us. Ginny, if you’re out there, we sure would love to meet you…


  1. culture says:


    [...]GIRLS OF YORE: VIRGINIA “DING DONG” BELL « Autoculture[...]…

  2. steve says:

    Totally agree with u…this woman was crazy hot!!! Like everyone, Ive been curious for a few years to see where shes been, if she was still with us, etc. Good news!! Finally found her and shes doing very well !! She lied about her age when she did her modeling, which is why she always seemed so innocent in her pics and movies. She is still a stunner at 70, and as soon as I saw her I knew it was her!! You will too. I would reveal what shes up to now, but u can google her to find her. I read one of her blogs and she was very open about her younger days and I now have an appreciation for a beautiful woman inside and out. Hint: Youll even be able to find a video of her now!

  3. A J Popky says:

    She was one month short of her 78th birthday and was beautiful to the end. She was my partner

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