Today’s the day. If you’re near a Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Books-A-Million or some other bookstore that has a magazine rack, drop in and see if they’re carrying the premiere issue of our AUTOCULT magazine.

Now, it ain’t on every stand of every bookstore across the country –– we’re not out to blanket the globe with this thing. But if you find (and we’re hearing from some resourceful fans who’ve asked their stores) that your stand isn’t carrying AUTOCULT, ask them to. We won’t know which stores in which regions of the country should be carrying us if we don’t hear the requests from the stores, themselves.

Speaking of stores, we’ve already been told by the Hastings chain that they’re forcing us to pay them to polybag each and every issue because of the cover. Scandalous, huh? Well, we were never planning on running for public office, anyway. Oh –– and one more thing: we’ve gotten alot of requests for subscription information. No subscriptions for the foreseeable future, but we’ll have a store here on the site soon enough where you’ll be able to get the magazine and some other neat stuff we’ve come up with. Stay tuned.

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And let us know what you think of the new magazine –– we know we don’t have to ask, but we thought we’d make it official!

30 Responses to “TODAY!”

  1. Watson says:

    Congratulations. It’s been a long time coming. Looking forward to seeing it!

  2. loveoftiki says:

    Fellas I have called 4 Barnes and Nobles and nobody in my area has it. Soooo bummmed not to have #1 of what looks to be a good magazine

  3. kiya says:

    Available now at Self Edge San Francisco!
    Coming later in the week to Self Edge NY and LA.

    Seriously though, i’m floored by how good this magazine looks. I didn’t really expect any less from Dan considering his track record. Congrats.

  4. hot rod ron says:

    just called three brans and nobel and they all have listing but will not be ordering it and will not make a custome order for me as a customer. So get that store up so we can buy them from you directly.

  5. hot rod ron says:

    my reply was for Phoenix AZ

  6. admin says:

    Whats up Ron? This is Brian. I am still lurking around in the background as always. Good to see you here. As soon as we get some vendors with magazines in stock, I am sure we’ll post ‘em up . Let us know what going on in AZ!

  7. Tommy says:

    Sweet! Anybody gonna be carrying them online?? Don’t have a book store near by that well have it… Want to get a copy before there gone!!

  8. STONER says:

    As of this morning, you’ll be able to get it at Self Edge right here:

  9. hot rod ron says:

    BIG B

    Glad you are part of this and I will have some stuff for you guys towards the end of the year that I think you guys might like. I am driving the coupe out at the end of the year to the mooneyes show so maybe will see you guys there with the mag for sale and other swag.

  10. Marcus says:

    Still trying to find somebody who’s going to stock it down here in NZ – hurry up, banana boat!

  11. Steeks says:

    snatched up all 3 at my local B&N (1 for me 2 to give to friends). Breezing through it gave me the same sense of finding an amazing treasure I felt when I bought the premier issue of Garage from Dan way back when at VLV. Can’t wait to crack open a High Life and delve into it.

  12. chris b. says:

    I was able to buy this at a newsstand around the way from me early last week. SO STOKED. I didn’t know I wanted a magazine like this until I read it. I finally feel like less of a redneck and/or douchebag for loving custom cars. It fills the sad void that the long absence of LIfe Sucks Die left many years ago (not that a graf mag had anything to do with hot rods). Now to just find a garage and some time…

  13. Miki Dora says:

    Just bought my three copies, this magazine is grrrreat! A breath of fresh air.

  14. Miki Dora says:

    “it’s pretty much all East Coast and Mid-West stuff:paddle tires on a ’50 Ford truck with stacks for exhaust or whatever. That’s not a custom, that’s a Halloween machine, what the fuck is that? God bless Rodder’s Journal”
    -Gary Frye


  15. STONER says:

    We thought you’d dig that, Miki! Robert Williams has some great quotes in there, too…

  16. hot rod ron says:

    just ordered two from self edge. Can’t wait to get them.

  17. Cris says:

    Today? I bought mine last Monday in NYC. The mag looks great. Crazy mix of subjects…it goes without saying but keep up the good work.

  18. Matt B says:

    In Vegas covering the SEMA show for Canadian media, but will take a $30 cab ride out to B&N tomorrow morning before heading to the airport.

  19. Church says:

    Got mine. Love it. Love it. Love it!!!

  20. Just read the “Far From Home” article…..heavy! I love this mag.

  21. Just got mine. Winner winner chicken dinner!

  22. loveoftiki says:

    Well the selfedge joint looks to be sold out WTF. Am I gonna have to buy a plane ticket to Nor Cal to buy a 12 dollar magazine?? and not everyone from the Mid West is a Douche, just mostly everyone. Out from Detroit Murder City!!!

  23. loveoftiki says:

    Come on Fella’s I bit the bullet and put the first post on the HAMB about this Mag for piss sake hook a fool up with copy!!!

  24. STONER says:

    Hey, Tiki–send me a note:

  25. Brian says:

    Website says all sold out! no barnes an noble here in Washington has it! where can I pick it up at?

  26. kiya says:

    Self Edge SF is sold out, NY store still has 5 copies left, LA store still has about 10.

  27. STONER says:

    Here’s a direct link to the store that we just put up. Not completely fleshed out yet, but we’ve got a few copies of the issue available:

    We don’t have the link button live yet here on the site, but that’s coming. In the meantime, you can go directly to the store here!

  28. loveoftiki says:

    Mother Fuck Me to Death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant remember a god damned Paypal Password I dont use the shit. In my world it’s still 2000. WTF Went to order a shirt and magzine and got to now wait 3 days to get a fn code from papypal. The Prick from India couldnt help me when I called paypal. Fuck it walking to the corner getting a 1/2 pint and turning some wrenches!!!!!!!!!! I guess it aintm meant to be. So far this magazine cost me 40 bucks in gas and a 10 dollar lunch!!!

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