So, the premiere issue of AUTOCULT is on the stands –– pick up your copy yet (if your store doesn’t carry it, ask for it –– it’s the only way they’ll know they made a bad decision in deciding not to stock it and hopefully they’ll order the next issue)?

We’re running a contest over on the Facebook page: take a pic of yourself (or whatever random stranger is standing next to you there trying not to look at the latest issue of Hooters) with your copy of AUTOCULT and post it there on the page. We’ll pick our favorite and send you a neat prize of stuff you probably don’t already have. Not a bad deal, right?

Take a look (here) and we’ll be waiting by the laptop to see your pics!

10 Responses to “THE CONTEST”

  1. BrandonSilva says:

    more than one entry?

  2. daniel says:

    I live in Switzerland. how do I come to a copy? greeting dänu

  3. Hi Brian

    I don’t expect you to remember me but we spoke several times after Garage went down.
    American Auto Mags is my little business and that was probably my favourite read.

    It was definitely one of my favourite mags, in a class of its own and we used to sell out every issue.
    . . . . and now you’re back !

    How do I go about stocking your new mag; I’m dying to have a read !

    Really looking forward to hearing from you

  4. Adam says:

    Called Socal Sac and they are not selling them over the counter, only on ebay. Bunch of BS I would say. They want $50!

  5. loveoftiki says:

    Same thing I discovered when I called So Cal Sacto today. I was just a little pissed when I hung up on them.

  6. STONER says:

    Just made the store live this morning, kids! The site button isn’t here yet, but that’s coming. In the meantime, go directly here and we’ve got a few copies left:

  7. Enrique says:

    Aerobooks in Burbank has em’. I have mine holding for pick up tomorrow. If you are in LA hit them up. Great book store.

  8. SX70S.COM says:

    Garage was in a class of it’s own, Looking forward to MANY issue of Autocult!

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