Welp, it’s that time again. Christmas? Kwanzaa? Chanuka? No, fool –– Estevan Oriol’s ‘LA Woman’ calendar is ready to ship! EO has been creating a new version of his calendar dedicated to that most perfect of all combinations – girls and cars – for a few years now and we just get that warm, filled-up-with-whiskeyed-eggnog feeling around this time after Tryptophan Day, waiting for its release.

Watch for more about this collectors’ calendar and in the meantime, you can plunk down a well-deserved $35 (here) and wait patiently by the mailbox. Now, if you just can’t appreciate girls and cars and guns and girls and the streets of L.A. and girls, well, we just prolly don’t think we really have much to talk about, do we? Right.

2 Responses to “THE 2012 “LA WOMAN” CALENDAR”

  1. loveoftiki says:

    Clean up in aisle 3 please. Wow!!! Nice!! nothing like a nice curvy Chica to warm you up on a Winters day

  2. Shes a long cool women, without a black dress!

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