Product Review Tuesdays is back, kids! And we couldn’t think of a better way of celebrating than with a plastic bear that houses a stick of deodorant. Right.

Your favorite flavor of Old Spice not only fits neatly into the body of this plastic rearing/roaring Grizzly Bear, but it doubles as a nifty coffee table conversation piece or a captivating central focal point on your altar to your god of the mountain wilds, Pan.

Let’s face it –– Man cannot live by the two most wonderful, natural scents in the history of the universe, alone; new tires and gasoline. Sometimes, we need to please the ladies. But that doesn’t mean we have to smell like freesia stripper lotion, either. Remind her what kind of man you really are by keeping your limited-edition Old Spice Bear Deodorant Protector handy and we’d suggest vogue-ing the ‘bear pose’ immediately before pulling the torso off the thing and applying said anti-perspirant.


Get your Old Spice Bear Deodorant Protector (here) and pick up an extra one for us, please. Ours is already bolted to an altar out in the shop and we can’t reach the stick of Swagger Sweat Defense we left in it. Yeah, we said it.

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