photos: Jarod Powell, kiwi57

A few of us went to Kauai last week and a few of us got to go out to the dragstrip at Mana, feed the chickens on the beach in Poipu, get shave ice at Rainbow in Hanalei, eat double-cheeses at Duane’s Ono Char and get tattooed at Farsyde Tattoo in Koloa Town. Thing we dig about this island is how it’s still “country” –– get what we’re saying? No skyscrapers, no sidewalks and no nightlife to speak of. That’s what we want in an island. Also, that everybody seems to know everybody. You get in with the guys at the tattoo shop and you’re suddenly Kevin Bacon and everyone on the rock is seven degrees away from you. Not to mention some rare, neat tin if you look around hard enough. What else could you want?

If you’re lucky enough to get to the island, go get a piece done in Koloa before you get back on the plane for home. Now, some of us haven’t been to the island in a loooooong time, so strong shout to Jarod, Arthur and the rest of the art crew at Farsyde and we’ll see you boys again, soon…

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