Since it’s the last Product Review Tuesday before Christmas, we thought we’d hit you with a product of our own: the LTD. EDITION package!

We uncovered thirty extra copies of the long sold-out Premiere issue, so we thought we’d do something special with them.

• We’re printing exactly 30 heavy-duty black crewneck sweatshirts featuring the ‘Black Cat’ acid tab art from Mark McCloud’s collection featured in the Premiere issue,

• exactly 30 posters of Ed Fox’ portrait of Jelena Jensen at Bobby Green’s Old Crow Speed Shop in Burbank, CA for the cover of the Premiere issue,

• and exactly 30 copies of the sold-out Premiere issue

These packages ain’t cheap –– they’re $100.00 each plus shipping. But order with confidence, knowing that when all 30 packages are sold, we’ll print your sweatshirt to order, then destroy the screens we used to make it. You and 29 others will be the only ones with that crewneck and the oversized poster to hang in the shop. We think that’s kind of a neat little club to belong to.

And to make things interesting; if we ever see the sweatshirt at a car show, we’ll reward whoever’s wearing it with a special AUTOCULT gift, right there on the spot.

As of this post, there are only 20 packages left, so break yourself off a piece of the household holiday budget and get yours (here) or just check the store to the right, there.

7 Responses to “PRT: A PRT OF OUR OWN”

  1. David Marrero says:

    ordered mine last night….

  2. loveoftiki says:

    ok whats O.L.U.M. stand for?

  3. STONER says:

    It’s all explained in the premiere issue, tiki –– we thought you picked one up, already?

  4. loveoftiki says:

    I gotta go get it and read it damn I feel stupid !!!! The question was posed to me and I was stumped !!!

  5. loveoftiki says:

    Ok I got the answer !!!

  6. [...] public service announcement: if you wanted one of our super-limited edition packages (here), we have three left! So, head over to the store there to your right, click on the LTD. ED. [...]

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