This week on PRT, we bring you the new Dirty Donny custom van model kit, commissioned by AMT: “VANTASY!”

Now, if you’re anything like us, you got about two dozen model kits for every birthday between, say, ages 7 and 14 and put them all together in one night – feverishly gluing wet wheels in tires to the undersides of Deuce fenders in some sort of lemon-flavored Testor’s cement-huffing haze. Every time we get a whiff of that Testor’s glue, it’s like getting a kick in the base of the spine and all the dormant acid goes rifling straight up the spinal cord highway to some hazy cortex region and we’re smearing water-slide “Street Is Neat” decals all over tiny little yellow styrene cowls all over again. Love that shit.

Well, with Dirty Donny’s “Vantasy” kit, there are thirty…THIRTY…different design combinations to choose from for his custom Chevyvan. And while he’s working on the real-deal 1:1 scale sin bin, you can work right alongside him with your very own 1:25 scale version –– chocolate fountain not included.

Get on over to Round 2 right (here) and take a gander at all the panels, starbursts, flames, pinstripes, fades, kidney-beans, bubble windows, snorkel noses, glas-fender flares, avocado shag, woodgrain paneling and limo-tint you can conjur up in one shagwagon.

And don’t get us started on the totally bitchin’ vintage, mint-in-box CB radio that came with the real van. We were there when Donny took the keys of this thing, man –– saw it with our own eyes and trust us, it’s cooler than the Wile E. Coyote wood-panel fridge door in the back of it. For reals.

Dirty Donny’s Vantasy by Round 2


  1. Dave says:

    Got the kit already. I own a real 75 shorty. I call it my cheech and chong bro.check out my photos on my face book page. I am also a cake decorator dude. Doing custom cakes up your alley. Kangaroos, naked chick bodys, strippers, dragons. preditor the movie charactor etc. So definately gettin this van kit was a must. Love your art man.

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