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Remember yesterday’s post? The one where we peeked the Japanese low-low movement? OK, now dig on this: we’ve broached this topic before, but when the Japanese commit to something, they go ALL IN, brother. Check this video by MoNa, a.k.a. “Sad Girl:” East Los? Nope…JAPAN.

Look, this ain’t the first time American car culture has been emulated in other parts of the world –– hell, the British have been knocking us off for years with post-war hotrodding, the Australians have really picked up on drag racing and dirt tracks, the Germans…well, the Germans are Germans. But the Japanese…oh, the Japanese RULE the details.

Forget about the music here for a sec (although the Japlish rap is pretty stellar) and take a look at the cars. And then look at the fashions. And then check the doorknockers and the lipliner on the girls. And then the car club plaques. And the correct Daytons and skinny whites. And all the little details all over the place. And remember that everyone in the video is Japanese on Japanese soil. Pretty fucking impressive.

Like we said; this has been going on in Japan for years and the attention to detail really comes through here. We’ve just been on this tip since the Mooneyes Japan show a few weeks ago and we thought we’d share our bald-faced enthusiasm…

3 Responses to “NAGOYA, POR VIDA”

  1. hank says:


    Japanese car culture is as varied as it is here in the USA. And, having lived in Japan for about 4 years, I can verify what you say about the details. If the Japanese get into a hobby, they push it to 110% of rated thrust every time.

  2. loveoftiki says:

    Holy Shit Cali Hats and a Japanese version of Roger from Zapp!!!!! I do love the way they fuck up our lanquage and phrases though !! I always get a kick out of googleing Japanese Rockabilly, watch those silly Fuckers!!

  3. Juan says:

    They don’t fuck around! I had a chance to visit Nagoya (and Cholo’s shop in the video) and they know their stuff! I asked a Stylistics C.C. member from Nagoya if he dressed in baggy creased Dickies all the time or if it was a ‘costume’ for car shows. He was a little insulted and told me that it was his lifestyle! They may not put Tapatio on their food or gang bang but they sure live the low riding lifestyle. Mona was a cool chick but I was a little disappointed when she wouldn’t battle or freestyle with me.

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