Gaseteria, NYC

Really couldn’t tell you why, but we’ve harbored a sort of unhealthy fixation for GASETERIA – that wonderfully-named, completely uninteresting gas station brand that seems to be nowhere very much outside New York City. Not sure if it’s the actual name or the amazingly simple logo treatment or the Captain America color combination (that we’re guessing came about in the “Easyriders” era, not the post-war comic book one) or maybe a combination of all of it.

We can only imagine some graphic designer sweating it out over a drafting table in one of New York’s hazy summers with a bottle of china black and a few rapidographs – probably named Saul or something great like that – coming up with this thing during the glory years of Helvetica. Well, anyway, we digress. If anyone can send us a Gaseteria t-shirt in an XL, we’ll reward you like an Okie truck driver pulling a kid out of a well.

In the meantime, enjoy…

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