We’ve said it before, but here’s just another good reason to love Russia. The “Only Dropped” car club proves once again that while not every car should be lowered, vintage Cold War-era bread boxes can and definitely should be. Sure, there’s a new GAZ-built VW in the mix and whatever on that, but we totally dig on the scene these kids are creating for themselves. Can’t help but think the interwebs had much to do with fueling this low flame: this club is heavily influenced by the lowrider scene they’re picking up on in Japan, which is directly influenced by what was found in East L.A., which found its roots in New Mexico and El Paso. Dig THAT. And find out more about Only Dropped (here).

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  2. Matt says:

    What make are those 4-door sedans with the 2 headlights and bar grilles?

    I’ve seen pictures of those cars everywhere on the internet and can’t figure out what make they are. I dig how they’re compact and retain some vintage styling..

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