Few weeks ago, we were tapped by Chrysler to write a bloggity blog entry for them. And just as we were taking a deep breath to give ‘em both barrels over the neutering of the 300, they offered up a category that shut us up and put a glazed-over look on our face: “Ode To The Hemi.”

So, we rounded up a few photos of some of our all-time favorite Hemis (including our own ’53 331c.i.d.), wrote our own love song to them and sent it all in to Chrysler. Now, here’s the kick: our blog entry is part of a contest that you get to vote on. And, apparently, if you vote enough times and put our entry at the top of the heap, you could win a new iPad for all your hard work.

So, get on over to the Chrysler site (here) and vote us up! Hey, even if we don’t win, we think we did: we got the Gotelli Speed Shop FED, Bruno Gianoli, Keith Tardel, Tim Conder and Rolfe Brittain all represented on the Chrysler site…

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