The whole “retro” idea usually falls apart for most folks with some small detail they just can’t seem to pull off. You know what we’re talking about: the dude at Ye Olde Renaissance Faire in period garb and a pair of black velcro Stride Rites peeking out from under his frock. Or the orca-bettie rockasilly chick in a retro gabardine dress and the really shitty tattoos. And don’t even get us started on the rattle-can black primer roadsters with the radials and wheezy 307s with the used billet water pump up front and prominent. Don’t even get us started.

But Dan Collins figured it out with the helmet. It’s cool to see some narrow rigid chop flying down the open highway along the coast, dude just hanging on loosely with a pair of gloves and a Pendleton. But wearing a banana-yellow Griffin full-face MX helmet and a pair of Scott goggles right outta 1987 just ain’t the right mix. No, if you’re gonna sport that look, you need one of Danny’s Old Gold Daytona full-face buckets.

In just the right shade of Oakland Orange, Jet Black or Ivory White, you can top off that Evel Knievel Circa 1970 look with ease. You can even request your own custom colorway by getting in touch with Collins before the next batch is run by TT&Co in Japan. Then, just tuck your long hair and the beard up underneath it and you’ll be good to go. Let the mutton chops hang down below for the correct effect, though.

Get yours over at Old Gold Garage (here) and send us a pic from the road, bro!

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