So, as we’ve been spreading the word about the contest over at the Chrysler blog (you can vote for us here), our good friend, Carlos Lovato, found some inspiration in the vintage Mickey Thompson finned aluminum Hemi valve covers we’re running on our Model T’s 331.

Carlos, founder of Sinners, Inc., makes some amazing custom finery in silver and we especially heart his motor-inspired work. From the custom buttons we commissioned for George Lopez’ diamond-tucked ’51 Chevy lo-lo done in Tijuana to the piston ring we wear everyday, Carlos has an eye for the little details that really translate into some neat stuff in the final piece.

Now, he’s worked up this comp that you’re seeing here first. Totally dig on the way the fins meet each other and we’d wear the hell outta this thing if it ever sees go-time. Check in on Carlos and Sinners, Inc. (here) and tell him what you think. We need him to tool up for a run of these!

3 Responses to “A SINNER’S ODE TO THE HEMI”

  1. Ian says:

    Very Cool.. At first I cringed because I thought he had actually chopped up a vintage set.. BUT READ ON! and you discover that there may a new “T” headed our way… I’ll take one!

  2. Irish Rich says:

    When I read the title of your blog post, I wondered which one of the guys wrote a poem? Turns out, none of them did.

    A more approprate title might have been “Sinners, Inc’s Ode To The Hemi”, Not “A Sinner’s Ode To The Hemi”. There’s no link or association between Carlos/ Sinners Inc., and the Sinners So. Cal Milwaukee, Sweden, and Nomads, which your post title kind of inferrs. They’re two seperate concerns.

  3. STONER says:

    Never thought about it that way, Rich–you make a good point: there’s no association between Sinners, Inc. and The Sinners Brotherhood Of Love And Friendship.

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