Remember this post (here) when we were speculating the identity of the mystery Jungle Pam look-alike girl at the dragstrip?

Well, we’re a smidge closer to finding out who she really is. AUTOCULT nomad, Don Moats, sent us the circa 1974 newspaper clip of the sequence that took place at the track while Ed “The Ace” McCullough and Dale “The Tyrant” Creasy launch in the background.

But we still don’t know who she is. Anyone know who snapped the photo? Does she look any more familiar to any of you old guys now? We’d love to hear from you…

3 Responses to “FLASH!”

  1. JB says:

    Jungle Pam Hardy, dog gone it !

  2. perrorojo says:

    Not Jungle Pam. She said so herself.

  3. E.L. says:

    Couldn’t have been Pam. The areola are to light and lacking in diameter.

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