If you know us at all, you know how much we can’t stand the current state of pinup photography. Digital cameras are technological wonders, but they’ve also turned some of their owners into self-described “photographers” who seem to get their craptastic snapshots published in even shittier magazines published by the desktop publishing version of themselves. SUCKAGE.

So, here a few images of Marilyn Monroe and her Cadillac. If you suddenly find yourself with a digital camera, some lights, a fat chick with shitty rockabilly tattoos and some hunkashit “rat rod” with a tractor grille, put everything down, walk away and just look at what kind of good real photographers like Milton H. Greene and real cars like Cadillacs and real talent like Marilyn are capable of putting into the world.

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  1. Chuckles Garage says:


  2. Ant says:

    See,the car isnt supposed to look like a shitbox. Stop purposly ruining Caddies. Cad + Primer =Not cool.

  3. I partially agree with you… It never was the camera gear that made the photographer. It was, and still is, the vision. Blame the editors and art directors also. But the digital versus film question is a whole different question. I still think film provides a better image, but that also goes with printing on silver. However, the digital world is here and it can be a beautiful medium, but, to truly replace film is expensive…

  4. Galore Racing says:

    consider the nail hit on the head!

  5. Galore Racing says:

    aw c’mon. I just released the first issue of my ” ‘billy zine” Fats, Rats n’ Hokey Tatzz, lmfao

  6. Bud says:

    Truer words could not be spoken. I do not get this “pin-up” trend but I will be glad when it dies or gets corrected.

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