Back in 2001, when we first interviewed “Jungle” Pam Hardy, she was a legend wrapped in just a thin veil of mystery. Not only did we grow up up around cars, garages and backyard race shops, but we grew up on the East Coast — about 75 miles from where “Jungle Jim” Liberman lived and made a name for himself as a Funny Car drag racer in the early Seventies — and Pam wasn’t just a smudged snapshot taped to the inside lid of a toolbox, she was a real girl a whole lot of people knew.

So, we knew she had to be a feature in the premiere issue of our first magazine dedicated to underground car culture. A decade ago, Jungle Pam was a heroine known to most die-hard gearheads and drag race fans who either partied or were at least born in the Seventies, but the generation coming up behind us really had no clue who she was or what she had done for the sport, lifestyle and women of the era.

Now, thanks mostly to the interwebs, Jungle Pam is enjoying a huge resurgence of attention. Old photos have bubbled up from home scanners all over the place and a quick googling of her name will initiate the unknowing PDF-ingQ. She’s one of our favorite people in the whole world and we just don’t get to see enough of her.

And it’s for this reason, we have to believe, that somebody out there thinks a period-perfect “Jungle Jim” halter top is worth $3,500. That’s right — the comma ain’t in the wrong place. The free market will tell this guy whether or not he’s been hittin’ the pipe too hard in less than a week, but if this thing (not even claimed to be worn by Pam, which would put it in a whole ‘nuther category and we’d HAVE to bid on it) brings that kind of money, we need to dig into the attics of all our childhood friends still living out past the York airport on the Lincoln Hiway. Seriously.

See more (here) and bookmark this one. We’ll be checking back next weekend to see what goes down…

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  1. BrrMJ says:

    All this PA reminiscing is making me thirsty. Where’s our Yeung-Ling (in quarts)?

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