When we were kids, one of the first exposures we had to “Big Daddy” Ed Roth was the work Robert Williams did for Roth Studios with his series of waterslide decals of Vietnam-era military machinery-n-monsters. Point is, underground car culture and the military have gone hand-in-hand since, well, the military went motorized.

So, it makes all kinds of sense that artist Frank Kozik would team up with Nike SB to produce a mil-spec type of shoe collabo. Today at Noon (PST), 25 pairs of very limited edition Kozik hi-tops will be up for grabs right (here). Now, from what we hear, there will be more pairs of these olive drabs available, but these 25 pairs will come with the dog tags and the bag.

Go take a look-see and snag a pair for the discerning low-brow art collector in your life who seemingly has everything. You’ll get invited back for their next hash party or slam-blog hipster mustache waxing or whatever those people do for fun…

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