We’ve been having some issues with our latest t-shirt design; the bitchin’ sketch Tim Conder whipped up that launched our ’27 Model T hot rod. Many of you have seen that original sketch and we just knew it would make a great shirt design. But we jumped the gun and started the process before we realized we had a huge problem.

See, we had a lo-res scan of Tim’s iconic sketch, but it wasn’t a crisp and clean enough digital file for our screenprinter. And it wasn’t until we asked Tim for the original that we found out it had been lost to the mists of time. Damn.

But, Conder wanted to take a fresh crack at the car, so he sent over a few new sketches. And in typical Conder form, they just RULE. But they also just didn’t have the simplistic economy of line and style and downright bad-assness that the original one did (and remember, he sketches these things, most of the time, on a scrap of whatever’s laying around with a paint gun in one hand, a cell phone in the crook of his neck and talking to a customer at the same time). So, we made the decision to start all over again and painstakingly recreate his original sketch.

If you ordered one of these long-sleeves, fear not! We’re seriously WAY behind getting these done and off to you, but rest assured that they’re being made and will be well worth the wait. We’ve busted out our near-25 year old Rapidographs and are retracing and recreating Tim’s original “Tall T” art from scratch so that the art will stand up to the screenprinting process.

And if you haven’t ordered one yet, get over to the store (here) and plunk down your hard-earned cash. We’ll do you right and thanks for being patient. You can see Tim’s other sketches below and let us know what you think of ‘em…

3 Responses to “ANATOMY OF A T-SHIRT”

  1. Church says:

    Still waiting for Tim to make or draw something I DON’T like. Never seems to happen.

  2. FlameFink says:

    I say print all four of them in white on black short sleeves in 4x and I’ll be in for two of each…

  3. This looks amazing!

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