There’s a room in your house that, if suddenly alerted by fear and impending doom, you can run to, open the door, close it behind you, lock it up and wait in till the danger passes, safe in the knowledge that everything is going to be OK and you’ll be able to open the door and get back to life as you know it.

That’s what rich folks call a panic room, hoss. Yours just happens to be your garage or your workshop or the Costco tent zip-tied to the side of your house. Whatever room you escape to when your wife’s 30-Minute Bunz Of Steez DVD hits the living room TV or someone finally realized you used the kitchen sink and the squeeze bottle of ketchup in the fridge to figure out the flat spot on your fresh-ground cam.

Well, now you’ve got a light switch option to reflect the importance of that room. The Panic Button Light Switch Replacement Kit is the best $25 you can spend for such a thing of simplistic beauty. Just wire it in and screw it to your existing switch box and you’re all set. Make a statement.

We swear, though: if we see one of these things bolted to some shitty-ass rat rod, we’re gonna take it. We carry a sharpened screwdriver with us at all times.

Get yours right (here). And you might need two.

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