This week on Product Review Tuesdays, we bring you something not necessarily new, but no less an amazing body of work: Malcom Schweizer’s incredible longboards. Now, the glimpse we’re showing you here is a board Schweizer made for the one and only Robert “Endless Summer” August. Based on August’s “What I Ride” series of longboards, Malcom took that classic shape and proceeded to shape this sucker out of Balsa, Peruvian Walnut, Bubinga (whatever that is) and Flamed Maple. Unbelievable. And to take it a step further, he recreated that timeless Robert August script logo in Paua Abalone. And that big ‘ol D fin is nothing less than a work of art, itself.

Even though this was a special board, even by Schweizer’s standards, it’s a good example of what the man is capable of. In an age of collector boards that are built to ride nothing more than clean, white walls with stylish little pin lights painting them down, Malcom builds boards to be ridden and you can expect him to expect you to do the same. Handmade in The U.S. Virgin Islands, you can reach reach him for your next build right (here).

Even if you don’t surf, we get the feeling you’ll appreciate craftsmanship and the dedication required to do shit like this. Good for the soul to see boards made in this way…

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