San Francisco has always been a town you can reinvent yourself in. Been that way since 1849 when gold was struck in them mountains north of town. And it’s also been a place you can find a little anonymity in, if you feel you must. For whatever reason. You wanna be someone else for awhile? Sure, come on in – we’ll meet you at Marlena’s for a Fernet with a water back.

Now, we also know, as tempting as that whole idea is, San Francisco ain’t for everyone, thank Allah. But, if you still want that brief escape from your suburbaned, Applebee’d, cargo-shorted, mandled, trucknutzed reality, look no further than the Sutro brand, kid!

This week on Product Review Tuesdays, we’re featuring a great little hometown company. Sutro, the San Francisco eyewear brand named after one of St. Francis’ favorite sons and one-time mayor, has teamed up with another well-loved kid – Metallica crooner-ah, James Hetfield – to style up the appropriately-named “Hetfield” line of sunglasses. Available in black or tortoise, they also feature the Sutro-patented 3-Click hinge, which we imagine will do away with the problem we’ve had with every pair of cheap sunglasses we’ve owned: the damn screw falls out of one side or the other, rendering them useless.

For around $220, you can own a pair of Hetfields and get a little break from your reality every time you put ‘em on. Not too stunnah, not too retro, not too flatbiller…just the right combination of good taste mixed with the superfly shades that dope dealer in the opening scene of “Easyrider” was rocking. We can dig it.

Order yours (here) and fucking rule your next drive to Macaroni Grill. Anonymously.


  1. Ant says:

    You guys know what Fernet is? I didnt think anyone west of NY or NJ Italian neighborhoods knew what that was,Im amazed. Really !

  2. Too rich for my blood, but looks like a cool deal to me. I also noticed Tommy Guerrero has a pair.

  3. Stoner says:

    Well, now you’re in good company, Ant! And, hell, we’ve probably spent twice this much on all the truckstop shades we’ve bought, lost, found, broken, fixed and lost again over the years. Something makes us think we’d actually take better care of an expensive pair. Hey, that rhymes…

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