This week on Product Review Tuesdays, we couldn’t help jumping on the hipster bandwagon for this one: high stylin’ cobbler, Mark McNairy, has filled up the WhyDidn’tWeThinkOfThat Department with his “Fuck Off” collection of shoewear and accessories. Now, you may have never heard of Mark McNairy before, but the man makes a decent shoe. And while you can only find his wares at better department stores and mens shops in larger cities across this great land, you can also find him on the interwebs with a simple search in the little box up at the corner of your screen here.

Along with the classic wingtip shoes and boots, Mark also does a blue buck (which we wholly dig) and an accompanying array of suggestive pocket squares and we hear rumor that a limited-edition pinky ring may come with the purchase of a pair of shoes. On the other hand, you might also be on the receiving end of the theme of the new McNairy line if you ask for one. Who knows, but it’s worth a shot.

Find the new line of awesomeness (here) and (here), for starters and we’ll be at the office with our feet up on the desk if you need us…

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