Fourth of July is right around the corner and, of course, our thoughts turn to patriotism and cool shit like that. And while the “news” will no doubt be crammed full of Teabaggers trying to shove their twisted brand of freedom up our collective ass and then closely regulate it once its there, we’d rather focus on one of the most enduring symbols of American-ness ever imagined by the Founding Fathers: the chopper.

The Born Free show in Southern California is in its fourth year and we can tell its getting close because all the chopper blogs are crickets while everyone’s actually building stuff. Neat. And one of the shops we’ve got our eye on is the secret lair Brandon Casquilho and Jasin Phares have Occupied in one of the more colorful neighborhoods of Nor-Cal’s Bay Area.

Here’s a spy shot of Jasin, Rolfe, Scotty and Ajana taking stock of the latest build and you can see more Allah Bless America goodness on the Born Free site right (here).

See you in Silverado!

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  1. Grant says:

    So Stoner, did you make it???

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