A few years ago, we produced a photoshoot for a cover of our old magazine that got killed off before it saw the light of day. The premise was simple: put a beautiful jewel of a girl in a weathered, rustic, authentic environment, hose her down and shoot away.

The locations we choose would scare the shit out of other magazine publishers in our category. Either that, or they wouldn’t have the ability to see the potential we see in a particular location. But, really, we think it’s the former. And the talent we work with…well, you’ll probably recognize the girls and not admit it in mixed company. Or maybe you would, depending on the company you tend to roll with.

In this case, we chose one of our favorite haunts right here in San Francisco: it’s a home shop in one of the most notorious ‘hoods in town, complete with a sorta-creepy skeleton collection and sketchy firearms hidden all over the place. Perfect. And the girl? Gia LaShay. Say no more.

Nothing works without the right photographer. In this case, it was none other than Aaron Hawks, for obvious reasons. But we’ll never see the final images, unfortunately. What survives from that shoot is this production snapshot. Enjoy.

2 Responses to “THE LOST PHOTOSHOOT”

  1. JLHarry says:

    I loved that old magazine, cause it showed me stuff you just don’t see here in the Midwest. Ive got all the copies including the premiere issue sitting in the garage. You guys do great work, always look forward to more!

  2. marco patino says:

    We want more dude! Wish I got to work with Gia but we never got on the same page, shucks!

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