We’ve said quite alot about how much we dig the newstalgic chopper movement that’s changed the custom bike landscape over the last few years. While we still see some tragic evidence of the fat-tire clown party on the East Coast (sorry, Philly–we saw waaaay too much 2003 on your mean streets to not call you out on your iron cross bullshit), it’s back to the Sixties and Seventies for inspiration for those in the know.

One of the great things about this movement is the DIY aspect of it all: it’s like what hotrodding used to be before the catalogs of the Eighties really took hold and made us all lazy. And nobody like the Japanese have embraced this bobber deal. Neighborhood, a brand from Japan you’ve no doubt come to realize we fully dig, has released just the perfect pair of supple deerskin riding gloves.

So, this week on Product Review Tuesdays, we submit the B.T. Man/DS Glove from our friends at Neighborhood. Subtle, with a touch of flash in the white stripes on the fingers, these second-skin mitts don’t need much behind them to make a statement as to what kind of man you really are. See, it’s all about the little touches these days. Refinement, y’know? Now, just like anything worthwhile, you can’t go find the B.T. Man/DS Glove just anywhere. Nossir, you gotta get to the Neighborhood website and navigate a page full of Japanese and place your order. Get your pair in black w/white stripes or the reverse color combination that will no doubt become a great, well-weathered look. And speaking of the little things, they’re available in sizes M and L, so you’ll have to figure that out.

But, the hunt is worth the reward. Go dig into the Neighborhood site (here) and set yourself up with a pair of the B.T. Mans. Hey, where else are you gonna find cool shit like this?

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