AUTOCULT nomad, Don Moats, sent over a few shots of some race team humor from the days before corporate sponsorship took over every damn square inch of an enclosed trailer. Now, if you’ve never spent time around race car drivers or their teams, it’s hard to understand why art like this would end up on their trailers.

But you have to understand that to drive a race car, you have to have a sense of humor, mixed with a little devil-may-care and a healthy disdain for authority. And on top of that, you’d harbor an undying appreciation for shock value. And that goes for the pit crew, too. Hell, we used to run around with a Super Late Model dirt team (shows you how far that goes back) and there was this chick known only by the name “Squirrel” who used to love to walk up to the counter of any fast food joint we stopped at for burgers and flash the kid behind the counter while she ordered. Never lost her composure and just ordered her Super Double Bacon Chee like nothing was going on. We’d just fall about the place. But that was the point. We were pirates and everyone else was nothing more than unsuspecting townsfolk.


  1. Church says:

    Ahhhhh…. the good old days. I think that’s Gordon Mineo and Art Hendy’s “Tinker Toy” flopper hauler.

  2. Eric Wall says:

    That ‘s Art Hendy’s hauler for sure , I had a T-shirt with same design on it may still have it somewhere.

  3. STONER says:

    Look for it and send us a pic of it when you find it, Eric!

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