If you’re old enough to remember, there was a time when a pair of Vans separated you from the crowd. They were counterculture, friend. You were part of a club that, if you saw another kid wearing them, meant you both knew some shit. Like, you were aware of some stuff going on in the world just under the surface of everything else. And the further away from California you happened to be, the harder it was to get a pair of Vans. So, when you found that one shop in town that had the Vans catalog under the counter, you’d find a ride over there and custom-order your next pair and hope to Christ you’d find enough money to cover the $35.00 it was gonna cost to pick ‘em up in three weeks.

Ah, those were the days. Imagine how much we could squeeze out of a hipster for one of those original Vans catalogs if we had the foresight to keep one thirty years ago…

Welp, Vans has become an international cult of its own personality and we’d like to think we had some small hand in that for the dozens and dozens of pairs we’ve shredded over the years. Now, the latest: this week’s Product Review Tuesday is dedicated to the Vans iPhone case. Fashioned with the unmistakeable waffle sole on the back, the iconic “Off The Wall” red heel tag on the side, the foxing stripe around the front edge and available in black, white and pink, the only thing we deem sucky is that we can’t order one to match our Hutch Windstyler.

You know Vans. You know the sole. You know the rubber. We just wonder if the new case has that wonderful glue aroma that comes with every new pair of Vans we’ve ever owned. Get yours (here), just in time for the newly redesigned iPhone to be released so that no existing case will fit it. That’s OK–we’ll buy the next one, too.

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