Back in the late Seventies, Ted and Mike Trikilis produced the best-selling poster of all time. The simple shot of “Charlie’s Angels” star, Farah Fawcett, in a red swimsuit against a Mexican blanket draped behind her became not only a sensation, but turned the poster business into a serious business. The idea of a pinup girl was nothing new, but there was one element of the Farah Fawcett poster that made it the cultural juggernaut of the era –– two little things, actually, that have always trumped blood, guts, murder and mayhem in American media for obscenity and censorship.

But there was another poster, also produced by the Trikilis’ Pro-Arts in Ohio, that was the counter to the Farah poster. The poster for the high school guys who cut holes in the hoods of late-model Chevelles to make room for the tunnel ram. The one for the guys who didn’t just smoke weed, but had the connection in Mexico. The preferred wall art for the dude who not only could score tickets for the Molly Hatchet show, but actually knew Bobby Liebling from Pentagram. The guy who knew some shit, man. Coolest guy in the room. That poster was known simply as “Study Hard.”

This week on Product Review Tuesday, we bring you our own tribute to that lesser-known icon of Seventies wall art: the “Work Hard” Limited Edition. Way we figure it, the poster is cool –– so we made our own version of it –– but what’s cooler than that is making your own real-world version of it, so we made the t-shirt, too.

The Work Hard Ltd. Ed. package consists of the 18″x24″ poster and our women’s white ringer tee featured in it. While the poster only comes in one size, the chick t-shirt comes in all the sizes you might need. We’re only making 50 packages and you can’t get one without the other, hence the “package.” But, when you place your order, you’ll know that only 49 other guys have the poster and only 49 other girls can rock the ringer tee.

See that? Little something for everyone. Think of the Work Hard Limited Edition as inspiration and motivation and get yours right (here). Order with confidence and know that there’s a little sumpn’ extra in each package we send out…

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  1. David Marrero says:

    just wondering if this package deal ever got sent out……haven’t seen mine as of yet

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